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We understand your industry

NH Bragg has long experience servicing a diverse group of industries with production, maintenance, and safety supplies and solutions. From help with hard-to-find products, to technical support and training, to product recommendations based on your unique applications - we take time to learn about the specific requirements of the many industries that make up our wide customer base.


  • Forming
  • Welding
  • Fabrication
  • Assembly
  • Metal Removal

Metal makes the world work. NH Bragg is here to make sure you have the tools, supplies, and safety products necessary to get the job done. Whether you are forming, welding, turning, finishing, or assembling with metals, we have the experience and manufacturer support to save you time and money. Besides having the products you need, we can help with training, inspection, and process improvement.

Boat Building


  • Construction (Composite, Wood, Steel)
  • Overhaul
  • Service /Storage

Whether you are working in wood, composites, or metal - we are here to support your building, overhaul, or maintenance needs. From abrasives, adhesives, fasteners, to hand and power tools, we understand the special needs of boat and ship building. Safety requirements in the boat building trades also require an experienced eye, a skill we have developed over years in regional boat yards.



  • Civil
  • Manufacturing
  • Specialty Trades
  • Process
  • Residential
  • Shut-downs
  • Utility

NH Bragg is a leading supplier to the construction industry with broad product and training offerings including hand and power tools, ladders, safety products, compressors, hoists and more. Whether you are an electrician, plumber, carpenter, general contractor, or bridge builder, NH Bragg has the tools for your construction needs. Look here for information on our training programs and here for information on our inspection services.

Wood Products


  • Lumber
  • Engineering Material
  • Pulp / Paper
  • Furniture
  • Wood Products

The forest products industry has a long and proud history in the region and a changing future. NH Bragg has adapted to your needs since 1854 and we look forward to supporting all of the innovations being pursued in this area. Whether pulp and paper, lumber, wood products, or engineered materials, call us for our expertise in safety, tools, and supplies.



  • Generation (Hydro, wind, Bio)
  • Communication
  • Transmission (Wire / Cable, Pipe)

Whether you are generating electricity, piping gas, moving water, or moving data, NH Bragg has the safety equipment and tools to keep build and keep your utilities running smoothly. We understand the special safety and equipment needs of your industry and have the premier suppliers and technical support needs to help assure your success.



  • Agriculture
  • Animal Products
  • Fish / Aquaculture
  • Forestry
  • Mining

We work in a region that is very rich in resources. Our broad offering of tools, supplies, and safety products can help you better manage and process your particular resource - whether animal, vegetable, or mineral.





Voc Tech


Health Care






OTHER MANUFACTURING - Electronics. Chemicals. Foods and Beverages. Other Process Industries. Whatever your type of manufacturing, NH Bragg can leverage our broad base of premium brands and experienced staff to help you meet your business needs. Whether clean room products, industry specific safety items, production or MRO items, NH Bragg is prepared to support your business.

TRANSPORTATION - Transportation has been a part of our business since we sold wagon wheels in 1854. Planes, trains, and automobiles, trucks, containers, and dozers are all familiar to us. We have the hand and power tools to work on any type of vehicle as well as metal working and composite supplies from cutting tools to abrasives to finishing.

EDUCATION & RESEARCH - Whether a student, an instructor or researcher, vocational school, university, or private research - NH Bragg can support your studies. We provide complete tool sets to many of the vocational students in the region regardless of specialty. We support researchers and developers with lab and janitorial supplies. We provide safety and maintenance products for on-going operations.

HEALTH CARE - Whether you work in biologics, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, or the life sciences, we have experience meeting your needs. Call us for safety or cleanroom supplies, MRO supplies or with questions you may have on process improvement.

GOVERNMENT - From local to state to federal government, we have experience supplying industrial, safety, and institutional products. We can help with identification of National Stock Numbers (NSN) and with the particular packaging and labeling requirements of a range of governmental organizations.

INDIVIDUALS - NH Bragg welcomes all types of customers, including the "Do-It-Yourselfer". We are happy to supply you with the tools and products you need for all your projects. Use our website or stop in at one of our retail locations in Bangor or Scarborough.

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