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We live in a changing world

We don't buy, or source, or shop the way we did even five years ago. We expect to research products, get technical information, price, order and re-order with as little overhead as possible. And if we need to speak to someone, that person needs to be able to answer our questions. NH Bragg is fully prepared to meet those expectations.

Our website provides advanced search capabilities. We support personalized shopping lists of your preferred products. If you want one team member to order, but you require a second person to approve- we support that. Our rich content contains specifications, SDS sheets, and catalog material to allow you to select the best product for your application.

Our e-commerce solutions extend to Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), Point of Use vending, Punchout catalogs and more. Throughout our more than 160 years in business, we have adapted to the needs of our customers every step of the way.

Contact us today for further information on how we can help streamline your procurement processes.

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