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Premium Ground Tooth Carbon Blades for High Performance Wood Cutting

Choose the right Lenox Woodmaster C-SHARP bandsaw blade for Thomas Portable Mills. C-SHARP Blade options are listed below for each Thomas Portable Mill model. If your machine has been modified, please contact NH Bragg customer service for help choosing the right bandsaw blade for your portable mill.

Blade Selection Tips

0.018" side set for dust control
0.022" side set for general sawing
7° with 0.018" side set for frozen lumber & exotic hardwoods
10° with 0.022" side set for general sawing & green lumber

2411 & 6013 MODELS

Item Number Length Width Thickness Spacing Side Set Hook Angle Condition
12-5X1818859 12' 5"1-1/4"0.0357/8"0.022"10°Seasoned Hardwood/ General Purpose
12-5X1812703 12' 5"1-1/4"0.0427/8"0.018"Frozen Lumber/Minimal Dust
12-5X1812704 12' 5"1-1/4"0.0427/8"0.022"Difficult to Saw Hardwood
12-5X1812705 12' 5"1-1/4"0.0427/8"0.022"10°Seasoned Hardwood/ General Purpose

8020 MODEL

Item Number Length Width Thickness Spacing Side Set Hook Angle Condition
13-6X1818859 13' 6"1-1/4"0.0357/8"0.022"10°Seasoned Hardwood/ General Purpose
13-6X1812703 13' 6"1-1/4"0.0427/8"0.018"Frozen Lumber/Minimal Dust
13-6X1812704 13' 6"1-1/4"0.0427/8"0.022"Difficult to Saw Hardwood
13-6X1812705 13' 6"1-1/4"0.0427/8"0.022"10°Seasoned Hardwood/ General Purpose
13-6X1812672 13' 6"1-1/2"0.0551"0.018"Frozen Lumber/Minimal Dust
13-6X1812886 13' 6"1-1/2"0.0551"0.022"Difficult to Saw Hardwood
13-6X1812887 13' 6"1-1/2"0.0551"0.022"10°Seasoned Hardwood/ General Purpose

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