Line Card: Fasteners

Brand Description MSDS
Acme Threaded Products Acme Threaded Rod
Arrow Fastener Staplers, Staples
Atlas Screw & Specialty Fasteners
Brass Fasteners Brass Screws, Nuts, Washers
Brighton-Best Socket Screw Socket Screw Products, Hi-Strength Fasteners
Chrislynn Thread Repair Kits & Inserts
Climax Metal Products Shaft Collars
Coupling Nut Supply Threaded Rod Couplings
Dorman Products Specialty Fasteners
Earnest Machine Products Fasteners
Fasteners Complete Fastener Offering
Heli-Coil Thread Repair Kits, Inserts
Hodell-Natco Industries Fasteners
Holo-Krome Socket Head Products, Collars
Huck Automated Fastening Systems
ITW Buildex Self-Drilling Fasteners & Screws
Lancaster Threaded Products Threaded Rod
Marlin Spikes USA Spikes
Marson Rivets & Rivet Guns
Metric & Multi Components Metric Fasteners & Tools
Nails Common, Finish & Roofing Nails
Precision Brand Products Fastener Assortments, Shim Stock
Ramset/Red Head Anchors, Powder Actuated Fastening, Epoxy Anchoring
Ruland Mfg Shaft Collars
Silicone Bronze Fasteners Silicone Bronze Screws, Nuts & Washers
Simpson Strong Tie Adhesive & Mechanical Anchors, Powder Actuated Systems, Carbide Masonry Drills
Socket Screw Products Complete Offering of Socket Screw Products
Stainless Steel Fasteners Complete Line of Stainless Steel Fasteners
Standard Lock Washers Lockwashers, Fastener Assortments
Stanley Hardware Hinges & Assorted Hardware
Tamper-Pruf Screws Tamper-Proof Fasteners
Watson Metal Products Threaded Rod

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